Prayers for Relating with Others

Two prayers for relationships: ‘Prayer for Relating with Others’ and ‘May I be a Friend’. These prayers maybe useful when leading a group of students during retreat or other pastoral care events into prayer. This may also be useful for a daily prayer in homeroom or pastoral care classes. Words by Erwin Cabucos.

Prayer for relating with Others

God of love and peace, in guiding your people’s journey from Egypt to Israel, you have shown them dedication and care. You nourished them with food and living words. You kept them away from their enemies, and you guided them towards freedom and liberation.

Teach us to be like you when we love. Teach us to nourish our friends and loved ones with life-giving words, with right thoughts and kind actions. Teach us to be loyal and supportive of the people we love. Teach us to be brave in protecting them from harm. Most especially, teach us to be generous with our time and talents for them so that they will feel your loving embrace through us. In Jesus’ name. Amen

May I Be a Friend

May I be strong yet gentle

May I be proud but humble

May I be forthright but compassionate

May I be energetic but patient

for my friends.

May your peace and calmness shine through my acts

May your whisper and your music drum through my words

May your wisdom and knowledge brew in my thoughts

May I be a peaceful presence for my friends May I be a friend. Amen.

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