Joan Phillip Launches FourW 29

Cover of FourW 29, photography by Hayley Kotzur

The Father

Former academic, poet and short story writer Joan Phillip launches volume 29 of FourW Journal of New Writing in Gleebooks, Glebe, Sydney on 24 November 2018.

In her speech, Phillip pays homage to Professor David Gilbey who has nurtured FourW since 1989. Phillip recognises the wealth of voices in this anthology of prose and poetry, including, Dorothy Simmons’ ‘Opposable Thumbs’, Jennifer Compton’s ‘The Weeping Man, and Erwin Cabucos’ ‘The Loudest Hug.’

Phillip reviews the short stories and poems in the collection.

“There’s also the terrible issue of Islamic-phobia and we see that in Erwin cabucos’ story ‘The Loudest Hug’ where the character is scared of taking in an Islamic person into his home as a boarder. It finishes so beautifully; the voice is so lovely. It just highlights how destructive our fears are.”

Works included in this collection are from poets and short story writers, including Donna Abela, Claire Baker, Christopher Barnes, Erwin Cabucos, Joan Cahill, Sally Chik, Marie Clear, Jennifer Compton, Maurice Corlett, Michael Crane, Barbara De Francheschi, Sally Denshire, Michel Dignant, Rebecca Forbed-Taber, David Gilbey, Kevin Gillam, Rory Harris, A.J. Huffman, Jill Jones, Daniel King, Andy Kissane, Jules Leigh Koch, Gary Langford, Wes Lee, Rosanna Licari, David Lloyd CRS, Natalya Lowndes, Jessica A McMinn, Derek Motion, Phillip Muldoon Dr, Damen O’Brien, Sean O’Leary, Joan Phillip, Martin Jon Porter, Kevin Poynter, Andrew Purches, Steven Sharman, Dorothy Simmons, Bev Smith, Ian Stewart, Ellen Van Neerven, C B Whitton, Les Wicks, Lili Wilkinson, Joanne Wilson-Ridley and Jenna Woodhouse.

Further details of the launch are found in

FourW Journal of New Writing is published by Charles Sturt University, Create NSW and Wagga Wagga City Council.

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